31st August, 2014

Iron Bull: Sera, I have a thought. The next time you run into a line of enemies, I’ll pick you up and throw you.

Sera: Get off.

Iron Bull: No, this could work! I loft you over the front ranks, land behind to flank- mayhem ensues.

Sera: I can’t fly, you daft tit!

Iron Bull: Think of the mayhem, Sera! MAYHEM.

Sera: I’ll get a wedge up something fierce!

Iron Bull: Look, you and Varric are the only ones small enough, and he’s pretty dense.

Sera: Well, do some bloody presses!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdXvFEEBZeo#t=515 (via iamtherie)

I just can’t even. These two. YES.

(via Musings of An Addled Mind)